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My artwork has been inspired by the arctic landscape, intriguing culture and history, and a climate that keeps you on your toes.  We have polar nights, northern lights and the midnight sun.  We have winds that whip and howl, snow that blankets the land for 7 months, and sun that leaves us longing for its presence in the dark winter days. I've shared my experiences of this remarkable region through collages, mosaics, watercolors, acrylic and handcrafts.

From Ocean Trash to Arctic Art

In 2012, I started a project with an environmental focus:  One Step at a Time. Two years later, the exhibition opened, as 1,200 weather-worn shoes boots and flip-flops from the North Cape coastline had been turned into collages and mosaics. Each piece is a visual reminder of the footprints we leave on the planet we call home.

This project has received national and international television, radio and magazine coverage.  The Midnight Sun Shoe Mosaic (pictured left) has become a tourist attraction.  It can be found on the wall of Perleporten Kulturhus, facing the Honningsvåg harbor. Prints are sold at The Gallery West of the Moon in Honningsvåg.


I use hand-painted paper as my color pallete and motifs are inspired by well-known local landmarks, the magical midnight sun, northern lights and ever-changing light. After I create the design, I add extra detail with my sewing machine. Take time to get lost in the details of these collages and you might be surprised at what you find - newspaper and map clippings, ancient runic writings, local mythes and much more.  Limited edition, numbered prints available (contact me at erica@onceuponadream.no).


Dramatic weather, harbor reflections, arctic wildlife, fishermen and their boats - this coastal region, 71 degrees north, is rich with inspiration. In this rugged environment, it seems fitting that bold colors and texture find their way into these pieces. 


Seasonal, shifting light, wildlife and stormy skies are just some of the topics of my watercolors.  The combination of watercolor and sewing creates unique pieces with a whimsical feel.  Prints are sold at Gallery West of the Moon in Honningsvåg and at the North Cape Hall.

North Cape in My Heart

Crashing, splashing, rolling waves,

An island lullaby.

Whipping, howling,raucous winds,

The arctic breath - Alive.

Bold and glaring, blinding bright,

The golden summer's kiss.

Ancient darkness, dancing light,

My heart is full of this.

(Erica K. Haugli, Nov. 2016)

Catch the Sun Series

A watercolor series dedicated just to the sun.  Yes, that's how much it means to those of us who long for it in its 2-month absence!

Catch the Sun

When the sun smiles, smile back.

When it warms your face, let your heart be warmed as well.

Catch the sun. Hold it tight. Don't ever let it go.

In the secret places of your mind, hide the precious moments of sunshine.

Mid-summer strolls, giggling children and barefoot toes.

Because the stormy days will come,

The winds will wail and blow,

And the sun will bid us farewell.

Catch the sun.  Hold it tight.  Don't ever let it go.(Erica K. Haugli, Jan. 2015)

Joyful Angels

May these angels put a smile on your face and warm your heart.

Joyful Angels

Dancing in the darkness,

Twirling in the light.

Let hope abound and love prevail

Along the path of Life.

(Erica K. Haugli, Nov. 2016)

Treasures from the Sea

I love a good treasure hunt. It's a delight to search for shells, polished glass and driftwood.  These "gems" are repurposed into one-of-a-kind jewelry, window and wall decor. 

May they be reminders of new beginnings and fairytale endings.

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