About Me

Erica K. Haugli

Artist, writer, wife, mother, dreamer, fighter, nature-lover, cancer-hater

Originally from the States, I've lived in Norway for 16.5 years.   I love living "on top of the world", painting watercolors and acrylics, creating collages, and making handcrafts from treasures from the sea.

My life took a dramatic turn in December 2015, when I was diagnosed with cancer.

One of the casualties of the "cancer bomb" was my gallery.  My recent work explores the process my family and I have been in since the bomb detonated.

People often say I look well, and for that I am grateful.  However, I wanted to share some pictures of everyday life - some of which can be a bit uncomfortable to view.  The truth is, my life is beautiful and hopeful, but I also find it heartbreaking and challenging as I experience the confines cancer has placed upon me. 

This is me.

I'm an artist, writer, wife, mother, dreamer, fighter, nature-lover, cancer-hater.

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