2019 Projects

2019 Projects

The Unknown Exhibition

November 13-18, 2018, Nordkapp Menighetshus, Honningsvåg

February 3-17, 2019, Grønnåsen Kirke, Tromsø

Spring 2019, Ullsenaker Kirke, Kløfta

In the Autumn of 2017, I began a creative journey in response to our current situation. "The Unknown" series expresses life since the "Cancer Bomb" detonated. The subject matter isn't living with cancer, it's about living life on this earth. As humans we will face challenges and crises.   In being honest with our feelings - expressing our angers, fears, frustrations, we realize we're not alone.  In sharing our struggles we create light.

May "The Unknown" Exhibition inspire, encourage and strengthen people as they reflect on their own lives.

Honningsvåg:  November 13-18, 2018, Nordkapp Menighetshus

Tromsø:  February 3-17, 2019, Grønnåsen Menighet (specific dates and times to follow)

Ullensaker: Spring 2019, Ullensaker Kirke (specific dates to follow)

A Beautiful Day

April 16, 2018//Photo Credit:  Yngve Olsen

New dreams becoming a reality.  On April 16, I had the pleasure of donating this artwork to Vardesenteret, at the UNN Hospital in Tromsø.  The center offers services for cancer patients and their loved ones.  Over the past 2.5 years I've spent countless hours there and this is one way for me to say thank you for the wonderful job they do.  Yngve Olsen took many lovely photos and this is one of my favorites.  It was a beautiful day!

To read more about this special day, click and read Nordlys' article Trebarsmamma Erica...

New Dreams

The Unknown - Exhibition

November 13-18, 2018

Nordkapp Menighetshus 

February 3-17, 2019

Grønnåsen Kirke

Spring 2019

Ullensaker Kirke

The Unknown - Book in progress

Exporing life's unknown journeys though pictures and free verse.


Kreftforening (The Norwegian Cancer Society)

"The NCS contributes to target efforts in cancer information, prevention, advocacy, research, care, and international cooperation." (Kreftforening startside)

Vardesenteret (Centers for cancer patients and their loved ones).

There are 7 centers in Norway, run by Kreftforening and the hospitals where they are located.

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